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Business Fire Alarm Testing

It is essential that your business premises meets the current UK fire safety legislation The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) by having a method of fire detection in place whether its flame or smoke detectors or a wired alarm system. to ensure your staff and customers safety while on your premises.

We offer periodic testing and maintenance services for business in Brighton and throughout East Sussex, ensuring that your fire alarm system in place meets BS5839-1 or 6 regulations.

Our electricians are UK qualified to carry out our comprehensive maintenance services and are able to test, maintain, repair or replace a range of fire alarm systems.

Testing includes inspecting:
Fire Detectors
Smoke Alarms
Manual Call Points
Bell Alarm Sounders

Fire systems should be maintained or inspected a minimum of every six months.
Failure to maintain your alarm systems is a breach of national legislation and may also effect terms of your property insurance cover invalidation any claims in the event of a fire.

We also offer Business Emergency Lighting services and PAT Testing for businesses throughout Sussex.

If you need any further advice on electrical contractor services please call our office where we will be happy to help.

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